we are a bunch of talented, experienced and fun folks based in Greece


We are passionate about bringing your ideas to life.
Our core is innovation, our strength is the ambition to be at the forefront of creation and technology, leveraging anything technically possible and leading the way for the ever changing world around us.
We challenge ourselves to deliver your concept through the most compelling visual content, and to ensure your success in any arena, be it commercial, corporate or entertainment.
And we bring our friends to help. With an expert team of the finest professionals, we help you explore, refine and unravel your idea to its core and then let you enjoy seeing it come to life in the most creative way.

A few words about us ...

Konstantinos Karyatis - AudioVisual Producer

After graduating from KL Universitat with a degree in Computer Science and an MA in Digital Special Effects from Bournemouth University, he worked in Production companies Cinegram and Lespot as a producer and vfx supervisor. Since 2012 he is co-owner and partner of the production company Norrogroup. With over 15 years of experience in production and post production, Konstantinos has worked in advertising with clients such as Dixons SA – Kotsovolos, AB Vasilopoulos, Bank of Cyprus, Eurobank, Sarantis, OPAP, Hellenic Expo Aichi Japan, Vivartia Group – DELTA, Bacardi Hellas – Drambuie – Dewars, Karoulias – Cuty Shark, AOB 2004, My Market – Panteliadis Group, Allou Fan Park, HRWNAS, EKO, Nestle – Loumidis/Crunch/Nescafe, BMW etc

Youlika vekri - Production Designer/Art director

With a BA in photography and an MA in Set and Production Design from Kingston University, Yioulika has worked as an Art director/ Set designer and Production designer in advertising agencies and production companies like Fortune, Cinegram and Orasis. Since 2012 she is co-owner and partner of the production company Norrogroup. She has over 15 years of experience as a set designer and has designed the sets of some of the famous television shows for tv networks such as ANT1, ALPHA, STAR, EPSILON, ALTER. As an art director she has worked in television commercials for clients like SARANTIS, OPAP, Vivartia – DELTA, Nestle, Loumidis, Nescafe, etc, and in event production her clients include Dixons SA – Kotsovolos, Vivartia – Mparmpastathis – DELPTA, Chivas, National Bank of Greece, Golden Hall, Amstel Group and Olympic Beer Company (Fix, Mythos, Carlsberg).


We consider our clients as family, and we strive to build long-lasting successful relationships not only with them, but with their audiences as well.
So far we have been very fortunate to have worked closely with a variety of clients, across different industries, such as advertising agencies, TV channels, global or local consumer goods companies. Our span allowed us to enrich our portfolio with diverse experiences and perspectives, making us agile enough to perform in any business environment.